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China Guardian warns of fraud

As the art market rapidly grows, an increasing number of investors are joining this market. China Guardian warns collectors and investors against frauds.


China Guardian has become aware of several cases where its name is being fraudulently used. The tricksters carve the company’s official seal, make up contracts, falsely declare they are collecting artworks for the company and sell collections in its name.




Since the establishment of China Guardian in 1993, we have been committed to running our business honestly and try to build a professional, open, fair and just trading platform for collectors and investors. As an intermediary, we only charge commission. We never ask clients for money to attend an auction or in exchange of membership and we will never sell commemorative coins, gold bullion and financial products. If you encounter such a situation, it must be fraudulent.


To protect the interests and rights of collectors, China Guardian will launch detailed auction guidelines and regulations in the form of video, photos and text and update related information on our website (www.cguardian.com). And we will let the public know how to contact our departments (english.cguardian.com/about/department/), offices in different regions and China Guardian (HK) (english.cguardian.com/about/contact/2011-10-19/18.html). If you have any questions, please contact us.